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Vervain is a potent herb, and also a vampire's most well-known weakness. Vervain, if touched by a vampire, can cause burns to the skin. If a human has ingested vervain and a vampire feeds on them, the vampire is affected within seconds and extremely weakened. If a human ingests or holds vervain somewhere on the body (such as holding it in a hand or pocket, or wearing it in jewellery), the human is protected by vampire compulsion and entitled to free will.

How To Use VervainEdit

Vervain is used to stop vampire's compelling humans . It was made as every strength has to have a weakness. Humans can protect themselves from attacks, if ingested or carried on their person. Although, when a vampire looks at a human, they can't tell if they are using vervain or not. If vervain comes into contact, in/on a vampire that area of the body will burn. If a vampire has a lot of vervain it can badly wound or kill them. 

How To Protect Yourself Using VervainEdit

  • Put it in your food and drinks
  • You can carry it by:
    • Holding it in your hand/pocket
    • Putting it in your bag
    • Wearing it in jewellery
  • Wearing it as a perfume
  • In the novels, some people bathed in it
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