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Species Information
  • Extant
Related species
  • Possessing Spirit(Spirit's that possess corporeal hosts and lay dormant like parasites)

A Passenger is a spirit of another, that lays dormant inside a body until activated by a code word Jaryakat a zem Daryeet acza, pronounced by a millennia-old group of witches named The Travellers that use this possess bodies, putting their spirits inside another body making them a Passenger.

This power is used in The Vampire Diaries. The spirit can be called forth by a Witch or a Traveller.


To become a passenger, a Traveller or a witch must pronounce the words Jaryakat a zem Daryeet acza holding in his hands the head of the person they wish to possess. The recipient's eyes will then gloss over black, confirming the transfer


  • Possession - The act of controlling and manipulating the body of a living person. Apparently, a Passenger's presence inside of another sentient being renders that being insusceptible to certain powers, like mind control.


  • Special Blade - Passengers are vulnerable to a magical blade capable of dispatching them without harming or killing the host.
  • Time - Unlike most forms of possession, a Passenger can only remain in control of the host for a limited time, before the host regains control.
  • Activation Requirement - Once the Passengers lose control, they return to being dormant and cannot regain control of their hosts unless the host bodies hear the activation or summoning word, Vyjdi.

Known Users


  • Passengers can take permanent control of their hosts bodies, but only if additional spells are performed to grant them control.
  • The possession theme is similar to the demons of Supernatural.
  • The Travellers and The Passenger is is central plot to Season Five of The Vampire Diaries.