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"I saved you tonight, Alicia. Don't you ever forget that. If it wasn't for me, you would've still been a demon and Jackson would've won. And I really don't need that on my conscious now." - Hope to Alicia.

Hope Mikaelson is a tribrid and a monster hunter. She is the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and is a member of the Mikaelson family. She is a main character of the fanfic AU story The Legacy.


At the beginning of the story, Hope is a monster hunter currently working in San Francisco. She's in the middle of a rogue vampire hunt when she gets a call from Caroline about her young daughter Alicia. Hope agrees to travel to Mystic Falls and help Alicia with controlling her witch-vampire hybrid powers. As Hope continues to stay in Mystic Falls, her, Alicia, and a few other supernatural teens began to be hunted by a mysterious figure. This figure would eventually be revealed to be Jackson Drake, a demented professor who was in actuality an immortal Witch.

When Alicia was kidnapped and tortured by Jackson, Hope felt responsible and vowed to find her no matter the cost. Hope and the others eventually tracked her down to the old warehouse outside of town but they were too late and she had been infected with Demon blood. After Alicia had gone on a short killing spree, Hope was able to cure her of her plight. Though Hope still felt guilty about the whole thing.

Despite this, she stayed in Mystic Falls to continue helping Alicia.


Hope is a very intelligent and very skilled young woman. She's also categorized as a fighter, being very tough and not afraid of anything except losing those she loves.

Powers and Abilities[]

As tribrid of three species (vampire, witch, and werewolf), Hope has all abilities associated with those creatures.

Wolf Form[]



  • She is portrayed by actress Danielle Hope Russell.
  • She originally appeared in The Originals.