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Species Information
  • Exist
  • Spirit
Related species
  • Intangibility
  • Invisibility

Ghosts are spirits of deceased living beings, that can appear in a visible manifestation to the living.


Ghosts do not appear any different dead then they did when they were alive. Whenever they appear to the living they are usually seen dressed in the very same attire they were wearing prior to their deaths. However it possible that ghosts can somehow change their appearance and manifest different clothing. (Both Bonnie Bennett and Victoria Donovan where shown wearing different clothing on the Other Side than the outfits they originally died in.)

Powers and Abilities[]

Basic Ghost Powers[]

  • Immortality - Ghosts are truly immortal and will exist forever. 
  • Intangibility - Ghosts cannot physically feel nor can they be physically felt.
  • Possession- Ghosts can control and manipulate the body and mind of a living person.
  • Teleportation - Ghosts are unbound by the borders of space and therefore able to disappear from one location and reappear in another.

Other Powers[]

  • Vampire Abilities - If a vampire becomes a spirit, they will still possess their vampire powers.
  • Werewolf Abilities - If a werewolf becomes a spirit, they will still possess their werewolf powers.
  • Witchcraft Abilities - If a witch becomes a spirit, they will still possess their witchcraft powers.


  • Isolation - Ghosts can interact with the living through mediums and witches. However, if the person chooses to isolate themselves from the spirit, they will be forced to vanish.
  • Magic - Ghosts are susceptible to the forces of witchcraft.
  • Finding Peace - Its possible that when some spirits find peace, they overall cease to exist.
  • Oblivion - Some sort of unknown force, possibly the spirits was able to send Katherine's spirit into oblivion and possibly destroying her forever or an eternal torture.