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The Original Jurassic Vampire The Original Jurassic Vampire 26 January 2014

Post your fan fiction here

TVD Fanfiction wikia is for fanfiction created by me, but not only me. I've open this blog section for fans of TVD who want to create fanfiction of their own. You can create a series centered around a character (for example: Elena, Damon, Stefan. e.g) or you can make a series in the universe of TVD.

The Originals Fanfiction is also welcome here. When creating a blog you have to set up the synopsis of the series and episodes but if you do not responded to expanding your fanfiction it will be deleted. I do not want that to happen so please be alert. 

Categories are needed when your creating separated blogs for your series if not your fanfiction could face deletion, but to be fare i will keep your fanfiction on for 2 weeks inorder to give you t…

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