Angry Souls/Unlucky Escape
Season 01, Chapter 07
Written by LiamJaco1998lfc
Unexplainable Truth
The Revealeld

Unlucky Escape is the seventh chapter/episode of Angry Souls, written and created by LiamJaco1998.


Bidziil maps out Zara's current dream,with the witness and agree to find Adrian's body. But, Owen makes his escape and Alexa makes a run for it, and hunts for him.


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Cast and Characters


  • Bidzill and Zara have their first conversation, since Zara returned to Oakhaven.
  • Owen escapes the hotel room, and heads for an unknown location.
  • The Unknown Someone, who disabled the Passenger Spell is revealed in this chapter.
  • This chapter was named Belief and Avail but renamed to Unlucky Escape, due to the title didn't fit the plot.
  • Both Zara and Bidzill go and find Adrian's real body.
    • This chapter is similar to Adrian's situation; trying to find Maria.
  • _____ stabs ______, and escapes.
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