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Angry Souls/Unexplainable Truth
Season 01, Chapter 06
Written by LiamJaco1998lfc
Hard To Find
Unlucky Escape

Unexplainable Truth is the sixth chapter/episode of Angry Souls, created and written by LiamJaco1998lfc.


Zara's mysterious blackout, Alexa wonders if it's something to do with Adrian's recent problem. Zara and Owen's foe ship becomes unbearable and She calls an unexpected source to Oakhaven to help find a way to help Adrian return.


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Cast and Characters[]


  • _____ returns in this chapter (episode).
  • 3 days have passed since the last chapter (episode).
  • In the 3 days, Zara returned to the house outside of Mystic Falls.
  • A Flashback is seen.
  • Someone is trying to stop forceful magic being preformed in the modern world.
  • ____ has a break-down involving ______.
  • The _______ spell no longer works.
  • Zara has a dream about Adrian.
  • The gender of the unknown person, is revealed in this chapter.