Biographical information
  • 1992
  • Diner girl (Currently)
  • Witch (Currently)
  • Human (Currently/Formerly)
  • Female
Family information
Family members
  • Unknown Mother
  • Unknown Father
Supernatural information
Magical Features
  • Unlock Spell (To unlock Owen's phone)
Significant Friends
Played by
First seen

Alexa is a witch and a diner girl from Oakhaven and friends to Adrian Desmond and Zara Graham.

She has magic powers that extend from witches of the centuries. Alexa works as a dinergirl


Nothing much is known about Alexa's history.

Throughout Angry SoulsEdit

Main Article: Angry Souls


She has blonde hair, and blue eyes. She wears light shirts with black boots, lipstick, and a locket with her mother and father on it. She basicly looks like a normal teenage girl.


Alexa is kind, light-hearted with a hint of evil when she uses her witch powers. She is not afraid to kill enemies when it's needed.


Alexa and AdrianEdit

They both first meet in Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice, Always A Charm in a diner she works in, when Adrian decides to take a pit-stop. When they first speak they are glued to each other immediately. Adrian is not surprised with her supernatural powers.

Their relationship immediately stays strong, when they both sleep together.

Relationship Status: Strong, Both Love eachother.

Alexa and ZaraEdit

When they first meet in Hard To Find, Zara isn't really keen on her and starts to not have an interest in her. They both work together to save Adrian. Like Zara, Alexa isn't really happy to see her at all.

Relationship Status: Friends

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