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Biographical information
  • 1790s (15/??)
  • Unknown
  • Passenger (Possibly Currently)
  • Warlock (Currently)
  • Male
Family information
Family members
  • Unnamed Mother
  • Unnamed Father
  • Maria (Sister)
Supernatural information
Significant Friends
  • His Travellers
Cause of death
  • Shot in the head (as a human)
Killed by
  • Unknown (as a human)
Played by

Joel Courtney


Adrian Desmond is the main and central character of Angry Souls. He is a Warlock, Vampire and Traveller.

His mother and Father's current status is unknown and will remain Unknown until they are revealed to be Deceased or Alive. His mother and father will join Angry Souls either as Ghosts, Humans, Vampires or as Flashback Characters.

Until it is revealed whether he is still possessing Owen's body, or in someone else's body; Adrian is currently Deceased.


He was born in Los Angeles, he was thrown out by his family because of his special powers. He has a sister named Maria who was taken away from him when he was on the run from an unknown person. Then he found some friends who were all out in the rain and alone, he took them in as his own making them his team of Travellers.

Throughout Angry Souls[]

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Own Body[]

Adrian wears, t-shirts, jeans and stylish shoes. He has Brown hair with a comb over, green eyes and white teeth.

Possessing Owen[]

While he's possessing Owen he impersonates him, he wears his clothes and hair a different ways he normally dresses. Unlike his normal body, he gels his hair and combs it up. He dresses in dark and dim clothing, like t-shirts, tops and jeans.


He is kind, caring and evil. He finds time to find evil inside himself in-order to help not only himself but his friends.


Adrian and Maria[]

Their bond is weak resulting in that Adrian's memories were washed away by old Travellers, but he did get his memories back in Strong Danger and he was formerly on a mission to find Maria but it failed due to his fate with Owen's body.

In one of the Flashbacks on Once With A Spell, it revealed that Maria and Adrian's status is strong and both are wiling to keep up fighting for each other each way for surviving. One way or another someone if not Adrian will try to find Maria, keep the relationship between Adrian and Maria going.